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Do you want to reshape your nose for a refurbished look?

If your answer is yes then Rhinoplasty is the solution to your craving. Yes, you may want to change the shape of your nose, make it look smaller or wish to get rid of your cartilage problem. In any of these cases, an experienced nose surgeon can be of immense help to improve the looks of your nose.

Why Approach DR. KULWANT S BHANGOO for Nose Surgery in CHANDIGARH

  • Highly qualified, experienced, and skilled cosmetic surgeon for nose surgery in Chandigarh.
  • Adept expertise in performing successful Rhinoplasty procedures, ensuring immense patient’s satisfaction.
  • Hold certifications from top-notch Indian and international plastic / cosmetic surgery boards.
  • Can carry out all types of nose surgeries such as bridge straightening, changing the nostrils size, removing the nose hump, reshaping the tip of the nose, improving the nose met with an accident, increasing or decreasing nose size, and more. Much depends on the patient’s condition and consent.

Cost of Nose Surgery in CHANDIGARH

Various aspects combined together will decide the cost of Rhinoplasty. Among these may include the severity of the nose surgery, use of nasal implants, the hospital or clinic in which the patient is getting the nose surgery treatment, etc. On an average, the cost may range somewhere between 50k to 2 lakh INR. This could however be only the cost of surgery. The charges of medicines, consultation fees, or the cost incurred due to any other requirement after the surgery would exclude the surgery cost. For detailed knowledge, it would be great to visit our nose surgeon in Chandigarh.

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Appreciate your overall nose appearance with nose surgery from the most renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Chandigarh. Get the best treatment amid the most amicable facilities offered by our nose surgeon and the dexterous medical team.

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